About The Wonder Stone Museum Masutomi Geology Museum
  The Chief Exective Keiichiro Yamaoka
This Museum was first founded by Doctor Kazunosuke Masutomi in 1973 as "Japan Geologic Study Hall" and it was converted to the foundation whereas the name was changed to Masutomi Geology Museum in 1991. Its three-floor building is made of reinforced concrete and its floor area is 300m2, which retains 20,000 specimens and also preserves some thousands of geologic books and reports, polarized light microscopes, X-ray analysis device, and many other devices and tools. The number of books and rocks and mineral specimens increase year by year. We are proud of being famous as a museum visited by more than 10,000 people as a "Capital" of study on minerals, fucils and rocks.

 On the first floor: We deal with books on geology, magnifiers, rock hammers, mineral specimens, and many other goods for mineral collectors.

 On the second floor: Library, Laboratory, living room,
   You can search information on geology from a large number of books in the library. You can make rock thin section and observe them through microscope.

 On the third floor: We exhibit interesting rocks, focils and minerals. At a counter, you can watch specimens through polarized light microscope and stereo microscope. An adviser is waiting for your question on geology, so please do not refrain from ask what you want.

Exhibition Room is open
From 10:00 am through 4:00 pm
Entrance Fee: Adult \300
        Under the age of 18 years old : Free
Library is open only to our museum club members on every day except for Monday and National Holidays.    
We open the museum shop on the first floor every day except for Monday. We sells books and tools for geologic research and colleciton.
We are closed from right after Christmas day through new year's days.
(If you visit us in those days, please contac us)

※If you are a group of some people and make a reservation, we will open our exhibition room even though it is week day.  

Masutomi Museum of Geoscience

 Addr :394 Nakademizu-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Pref.
 Tel :075-441-3280  Fax:075-441-6897

 Hrs :10:00 - 16:00

 ★Exhibition room only open on Sat, Sun and Nat Hols.

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